Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Communities

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Based in Calgary, StromTech is dedicated to developing and designing flexible responses for sustainable energy, water, and waste solutions. We specialize in heat-to-power and district/direct heating systems. What’s more, we are heat agnostic, and will provide solutions whether the heat is from:

Geothermal sources

Industrial waste heat

Fossil Fuels, such as stranded gas or flare gas


Concentrated Solar

At StromTech, we work tirelessly to find opportunities to increase energy efficiency, generate electricity, and to develop new energy sources for your community or business.

Conversion of Oil & Gas Infrastructure to Geothermal

While they are often viewed as both an environment and financial risk, end of life oil and gas fields can be reconditioned into geothermal assets. Through the careful application of geothermal and direct heat technologies, we at StromTech Energy can take what was once a liability and transform it into a long-term sustainable energy source for the local community.

Micro Geothermal Production

For remote communities who are struggling with the high cost of energy, StromTech can offer small-scale geothermal solutions, providing an opportunity to reduce costs. What’s more, the solutions can also improve living standards as well. We do this through a combination of modular power production, district heating, water treatment, and greenhouse equipment.

Other Energy Services

At StromTech, we don’t discriminate against heat sources – we discover and utilize a variety of sources to provide seamless, efficient energy to businesses and communities, including:

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    Waste Heat to Power
  • other-enrgy-services-img4
    Biomass to Power
  • other-enrgy-services-img2
    Landfill Remediation and Methane Gas Capture
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    Flare Gas / Stranded Gas Co-Generation

Waste Heat to Power: Utilizing the process of recovering waste heat, we can generate power with no additional combustion or emissions. This ensures a cost-effective, energy efficient solution.


Biomass to Power: By using organic waste material from plants or animals, we can create energy solutions with minimal impact on the environment.


Landfill Remediation and Methane Gas Capture: By capturing methane gas from landfills, at StromTech, we can harness a considerable energy resource, while reducing the harmful emissions from landfills.


Flare Gas / Stranded Gas Co-Generation: We provide cost-effective energy by reconditioning and regenerating flare gas or stranded gas to maximize the energy potential for your community and support energy security by providing independence from the power grid.

Why Choose StromTech Energy Services

Choose a sustainable energy company focused on developing geothermal resource infrastructure, with a full suite of supporting consulting services.

Consulting Services.

StromTech offers a variety of consulting services to develop solutions for whatever needs your project or environment has. We can also provide emergency response planning and step in as needed, or lead the entire development.

Geothermal Resource Development

Exploiting clean, sustainable resources wherever they are needed, our expert team can create a safe, reliable form of energy, entirely independent of main power grids.

Local Team, Global Expertise

With each member an expert in their field, StromTech’s team have local knowledge having spent the majority of their careers in Western Canada. However, each valuable member of the team has spent significant time overseas in previous roles. This blend of local and global knowledge creates a team that brings an exciting, fresh perspective to every project, with outside-the-box approaches. 

Flexible Deployment

With a broad range of  project management expertise, we are able to provide alternate options for many infrastructure decisions, allowing for the most effective deployment for a given site.

By encouraging the use of local natural resources, StromTech specializes in supporting self-determined communities in developing their sustainable, independent energy systems. Our expertise gives us the knowledge and experience to produce the best in sustainable and independent energy systems. Our services also include the integration of electrical generation, heating, water treatment, as well as growing technologies such as greenhouses and aquaculture.

No matter where on the planet your community is based, StromTech has a sustainable energy solution to suit you and your environment. Contact us today to discuss your energy needs, or browse our website to explore the vast range of alternative solutions that we can provide.

Stromtech Energy Services Ltd. does not directly offer or supply engineering and geoscience services. All engineering and geoscience services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third-party companies and individuals.