Sustainable Energy for
Sustainable Communities

Our Company

StromTech Energy Solutions is a Calgary based company dedicated to developing flexible, sustainable energy, water, and waste solutions.

We are a team of professional consultants and project managers who provide a full spectrum of energy solutions. We have experience of projects in both local markets and in regions around the world where traditional energy development systems are not feasible.

Every member of the StromTech team is an expert in their field. Although we are based in Canada, each team member has spent significant time working around the world on a variety of projects. This unique global experience has given us the skills and fresh perspectives for more practical, realistic, and imaginative solutions to your energy problems.

StromTech offers a full range of consulting services that cover everything from concept design to project management and construction. We can also provide emergency response planning and can step in as needed for your project, or even lead the entire development.

Our team of experts are able to identify and encourage the use of clean and sustainable local resources where they are needed.

Due to our broad range of professional expertise, we can provide positive alternatives to your infrastructure decisions. This allows for a more effective deployment for any given site, using a range of solutions that enable a community to remain self-managing.

What’s more, at StromTech we provide integration services that allows you to tie various local energy sources together into a coherent, functional and efficient utility system. This includes the integration of electrical generation, heating, water treatment, as well as growing technologies such as greenhouses and aquaculture.

StromTech specializes in supporting self-determined communities by encouraging the use of local natural resources to develop sustainable, independent energy systems.